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27 Aug

Frank Casale of Choiceworx Explains RPA’s “Broken Bot Syndrome” & What They are Doing About It

AI powered RPA bot-management firm Choiceworx has been making moves recently. Global technology firm tracker Tracxn has already designated Choiceworx as a Minicorn worth keeping an eye on! Analyst...

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20 May

Is Your IT Team Configuring & Deploying Hundreds (Or Thousands) Of Laptops? You Are Probably Doing Telework All Wrong

With virtualized desktops, also known as Desktop-as-a-Service, employers can spool up or eliminate thousands of virtual PCs, including extremely high performance workstations for graphics, analytics or science—or very inexpensive...

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17 May

DJI Launches Flagship Commercial / Industrial Drone With New Camera Platform

DJI introduces new Matrice 300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 Series drones to extend Airborne Intelligence to a New Generation of Work Ready to Embrace Digitalization and AI

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02 May

Free Consultation For Cloud Telephony & Unified Communications Options

As an independent analyst, I am able to provide balanced, unbiased guidance on both the existing platforms available and your particular needs. Contact me directly to discuss, there is...

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01 Mar

Should You Choose a Cloud-Based Phone System for Your Business?

As an independent analyst, I would be glad to share my insights with you, and provide any appropriate guidance regarding choosing the most appropriate unified communications system for your...

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01 Feb

5 Ways Unified Communications Can Improve Your Customer Service

As an independent analyst, I would be glad to share my insights with you, and provide any appropriate guidance regarding the selection and installation of a cloud based unified...

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27 Jan

Updated Industry Research Calendar Released: 2020-2021

Research analyst & publisher Loren Moss has released his calendar on upcoming public research through 2020 & 2021.

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23 Jan

Bid Opportunity: National Electric Utility Needs Contact Center WFM / Quality Management System

The electric utility in the Caribbean island country of St. Lucia is seeking to acquire and implement a Workforce Management and Advanced Quality Management system to integrate with their...

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16 Jan

Join Me At This Year’s Enterprise Connect in Orlando

When the Enterprise Connect Exhibit Hall opens its doors on March 30, attendees will have the chance to see the latest and greatest products from UC and collaboration industry players big...

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09 Jan

CRISPR & Customer Experience; or AI & “Food For Thought” (turnips, no doubt!)

What if using your genetic profile and CRISPR, a vendor could engineer a new fruit to be uniquely delicious for your taste buds?

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06 Jan

Outsourcing Institute’s Frank Casale Talks About Why He Finds Medellín Ideal For Nearshore RPA & AI Delivery

Frank Casale, founder of the Outsourcing Institute, IRPA-AI and now the Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative shares with me why he chose Medellín for this new venture.

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06 Jan

Implementing Effective Platforms for New Payment Method Inclusion

I was the chairman of IQPC's 2015 Payment Methods Latam Summit in Miami where I presented this keynote session on Creating New Channels for Customer Attendance, and Implementing Effective...

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06 Jan

Shortlisting Your Biometrics Vendors

I was the conference chair and gave this presentation along with one other (Takeaways from Biometrics Implementation for Financial Services in Latin America) at the 2016 Biometrics in Banking...

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06 Jan

Takeaways from Biometrics Implementation for Financial Services In Latin America

I was the conference chair and gave this presentation along with one other (Shortlisting Your Vendors) at the 2016 Biometrics in Banking & Financial Services symposium in New York.

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05 Jan

Unidotrak Web Business Intelligence – Real Time Lead Tracking for Sales, Marketing & Monitoring

On average less than 2% of visitors to your corporate website will interact in some way that identifies the visitor. That leaves about 98% of your visitors unidentified unless you...

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17 Aug

Why the CIO should care about the IBM-Apple Computer Linkup

Last month, computer scions Apple & IBM announced a collaboration to develop and market over 100 mobile applications to run on Apple’s iOS operating system, and providing business solutions...

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