14 Feb

2024 Standard Consulting Rates Released

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Loren Moss consulting rates for calendar year 2024 are $765 USD per man-hour, (plus any applicable taxes) plus travel and per-diem per travel policy (that can be seen clicking here). Travel/per diem policy applies for any work that requires travel outside of metropolitan Medellín, Colombia (up to 1 hour by ground from Medellín city limits).

Consulting is purchased by the client in blocks of 10 hour minimum + prepaid travel/per-diem. There is a retainer/deposit of 30% of the expected amount of the 1st phase engagement. The minimum engagement is 10 hours (small projects).

Why the block/deposit policy?

All of our time is focused on your objectives and execution of deliverables, not billing issues, “accounts receivable,” or calls to track down missing payments. Calling about overdue payments, or “tracking payments that the bank must have sent” is both unproductive and unpleasant. This policy avoids that for both provider and client.

In 2017, my largest client, an 18 year old US company with over 500 employees…a good client that always paid on time, went bankrupt unexpectedly and shut its doors owing me $40,000. 

A foreign government agency client was suddenly shut down when the government changed hands, owing several thousand dollars in pending bills, plus we had an open engagement. I was left with no one to communicate with regarding the engagement, no one to call regarding the amount already owed, and no ability to collect on the outstanding balance.

This policy simplifies accounting and billing for everyone and keeps the focus on the work to be done. Clients may also use bank cards and innovative payment platforms like PayPal and MercadoPago.

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