05 Jan

Critical Support for Investment Promotion Agencies

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Many of my engagements are with government Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) designed to help you increase Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

There are many different types of engagements and different services that my team and I perform on behalf of our IPA clients. The most common engagement is completed in two phases, first a detailed assessment, then an action plan and delivery of agreed upon services.

First, an assessment is conducted to understand your IPA’s objectives, how you are performing against those objectives, and areas for improvement. This is all done taking into consideration your IPA’s available budget. The resources available to a rural county in the upper Midwest of the United States will be different than a national investment promotion agency. The objectives and expectations should also be properly scaled; and we can help your and similar IPAs, as an unbiased outside party, to understand what can and probably cannot be achieved considering the available resources.  Your IPA may want to push for more budget, or simply have a clear understanding of achievable goals.

I conduct a thorough marketing & positioning audit to create a qualitative and quantitative picture of where your IPA is, what your past successes and obstacles have been, and understand what you are doing to measure success, and how well you have been doing against those measurements.

Based on this detailed audit, I then develop detailed and specific recommendations (when asked for). If it is part of the engagement, I create for the second phase, an action plan, in collaboration and with the direction of you as the IPA client in order to execute against the findings. The action plan has steps to be taken, and identifies the resources necessary to achieve each step. This may be for you and your IPA to complete yourself, to better engage with your marketing agency or other resources, or engage my team and me to help with implementation and execution.  One difference between my team and some other consultancies or corporate advisories, is we don’t just tell you what to do, we help you do it.

The execution plan is scoped, You determine how much of the assessment and audit makes it into the execution plan, based on budget, priorities, and objectives. That plan is then delivered, and based on the type of engagement, I work alongside you to execute against that plan under the contracted scope of work.

Contact me if I can either help you gain understanding and insight into your market position, or if I can help you execute against defined objectives and goals.

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