06 Jan

Implementing Effective Platforms for New Payment Method Inclusion

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I was the chairman of IQPC’s 2015 Payment Methods Latam Summit in Miami where I presented this keynote session on Creating New Channels for Customer Attendance, and Implementing Effective Platforms for New Payment Method Inclusion. As new payment methods were beginning to come online, replacing things like paper checks and wire transfers, and supplementing credit cards, banks, retailers and other financial services providers must come to grip with integrating and implementing these new payment platforms to provide a seamless customer experience or risk being left behind.

At the same event, I also presented the workshop: How to Fight Fraud in Emerging Payment Methods Without Frustrating Your Customers

I was asked to prepare an English-language presentation, but at the event, the organizers asked me to make the actual presentation in Spanish.

To view the presentation slides, click on the image below:

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