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In addition to any speaker’s honorarium, consulting fees, sponsorship, or conditions of engagement, my standard travel policy is as follows:

Alternatively, we can handle travel arrangements for an additional flat rate charge.

Air Travel

For 2020 to increase flexibility and economy, and due to inconsistencies in their member policies, the Star Alliance preference has been removed.

  • First Class, 2 roundtrip airfares (principal + photographer / camera operator), Business class when the airline does not offer First Class
  • Preferred International Airlines: Delta, LATAM, Copa, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Aeroméxico. Second choice, when primary unavailable: JetBlue, Qatar, KLM, Lufthansa.  Avianca: (J&C Class Fares Only)
  • Domestic travel within Colombia: Viva Air: (Combo++ Fares Only), LATAM or Avianca (J&C Class Fares Only)
  • Avoid: United, American, Frontier, Spirit.
  • Point of Origin: Medellín, Colombia IATA:MDE unless otherwise specified
  • If video recording is contemplated, baggage allowance for 4 checked bags per passenger (otherwise, 2)

Why Business / 1st Class? The objective ,as most business travelers understand is the privacy, security & connectivity provided by business travel lounges before and after flights, and most importantly during layovers. These venues provide efficient, secure temporary bases of operations while en route so that work doesn’t have to pause during travel

See: US Airlines ranked best to worst.


  • Official event venue hotel, or 4-star or above hotel (as defined by Expedia here and indicated as such on Tripadvisor or Expedia Group sites) or resort convenient to the event, plus ground transportation on demand, between the event venue and the hotel.
  • Deluxe standard room or above. If the event is on a cruise ship, then stateroom with unobstructed ocean view or above.
  • Travel is to be pre-paid and confirmed by the client, including security deposits, taxes and resort fees. Flights will not be boarded without confirmation.
  • All consumption included if the event is at a resort facility or on a cruise ship.
  • Double occupancy
  • These requirements may be waived for rural site visits such as to mines, petroleum facilities, or other remote areas, on a case-by-case basis.


  • Arrival no later than the day before the beginning of the specified event
  • Departure no earlier than the day after the close of the event
  • Per-Diem & incidentals: $550 USD ($850 USD in: Switzerland, Cannes, Nice, Luxembourg, Monaco, Lichtenstein, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Gulf Arab States, Saint Bartholomew, or Brunei) per day, inclusive of departure and return travel days. Paid in advance, before departure.
  • Auto rental, if required, to be prepaid, and include comprehensive insurance and CDW (Collision Damage Waiver).
  • We have no particular dietary restrictions.
  • Train travel:  Double occupancy private sleeper, or single occupancy if traveling alone, with private bathroom (Shower, sink, toilet, hot water)




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