04 Apr

Photographers Are Extremely Disappointed WIth Canon. That Includes Me.

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In my first photojournalism job over 30 years ago, I purchased a Canon EOS 630. At the time, I remember considering carefully whether I wanted to bet on Canon or Nikon, as I realized I was betting on an entire system for the long term. I couldn’t afford fancy glass, so I paired it with a Sigma zoom.

I have been shooting Canon EOS ever since, though I have upgraded to EF lenses, except for certain specialty lenses. My wife shoots Canon also; currently her camera is a 77D.

I have been waiting on the fabled EOS R50/R100 to come out for something more portable than my main camera, a 5D MK4, when it is just too big/valuable for the day’s location and type of shoot. I have also been waiting to justify upgrading to the newer full frame R series.

So far, it seems Canon has adopted a policy whereas unlike its vaunted EF lenses, the camera manufacturer is blocking third party manufacturers from producing RF mounted lenses compatible with its new R series cameras.Canon need not worry about competition from third party niche lenses that make either specialty or budget lenses. I will not be upgrading to the new R series as long as there is doubt regarding the availability of 3rd party lenses. Having a wide availability of lenses, including niche, specialty and budget alternatives is in the customer’s best interest, and most certainly in Canon’s best interest.

 I sincerely hope Canon’s stance on this evolves quickly and decisively.

Above photo: Canon lineup at the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas (photo: Loren Moss)

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