05 Jan

Research & Coverage For Emerging Companies

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You are familiar with my work and that of my team through our business and investment publications like Finance ColombiaFinance Americas and Cognitive Business News. Before launching publications for the investing and business public, I spent almost 15 years as an SEC registered investment adviser and analyst in the US.

While covering many of your companies I have heard a repeated complaint from CEOs, CFOs & directors: “We lack coverage; we are ignored by the analysts.”

Yours is a small or micro-cap firm, privately held or publicly traded, raising money through private placements, or public securities exchanges. Your challenge is lack of coverage and research by reputable buy or sell side analysts in the institutional or retail investment communities, and very few analysts understanding–or even willing to visit emerging markets and the unique conditions under which you operate.

Or, you are on the buy-side, an investor that requires independent research on frontier markets or emerging markets opportunities. This may require financial research, market research, political risk analysis, or even our physical asset due diligence.

Independent fee-based research is your solution.

I spent a decade as a FINRA-licensed securities broker and SEC registered investment adviser representative in the US serving international clients before working as a senior analyst covering technology services firms in Latin America & The Caribbean, and senior editor for a US based business book publisher.

In this offering, my team and I provide:

  • Independent & Fee based; no conflict of interest. Care & attention regardless of size, geography or situation
  • Hundreds of thousands of readers through our strong existing business media & subscriber channels
  • My entire team & I are fluent in English & Spanish
  • Conflict free research: I don’t trade in client firm securities, & we disclose incidental investments
  • Access institutional investors worldwide, especially with an investment appetite for small caps & emerging markets.
  • A way to gain coverage in news and trade media directed towards the investment sector.
  • Access to our loyal existing audience of financial professionals, high net worth individuals, family offices, private equity, and venture capital.
  • As a bona-fide analyst & publisher domiciled in South America, that does not manage money, my coverage complies with both SEC and MiFID II requirements



  • Annual research report focusing on fundamentals & qualitative factors
  • Quarterly post-earnings call briefing & analysis
  • Earnings & Investor conference call participation
  • Full news coverage in our publication of all material events and company news
  • Minimum of 1 annual site visit to interview management, assess human & environmental relations, technical developments
  • Minimum of 1 strategy meeting annually to coordinate with your investor relations, marketing & communications teams
  • Quarterly research briefs covering
  • Annual meeting participation and reporting


Optional Deliverables

  • Social media content generation, production & management: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.
  • Video & PowerPoint production
  • Investor presentation production
  • Investor conference participation
  • Corporate Webinars
  • White papers & topical reports
  • Contract editorial – article and press release production


Contact me right away, let’s discuss your challenges and objectives.

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