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07 Jun

Caninex Go-To-Market Packages Are Designed With Business Development & Investment Value Generation In Mind

Our Caninex go-to-market packages are designed to bring your offering to the world, with business development & investment value generation in mind. For our Felinex packages designed to bring...

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07 May

A Few Leads (every month) For You

We can provide you with at least 10 phone meetings (one-to-one, not ineffective marketing webinars) per month with qualified enterprise targets. We have been doing this for the past...

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06 Jan

The Roles of Design, Creativity & Ownership in Creating The Customer Experience

I was keynote speaker at IQPC's 2015 Customer Experience Impact symposium in New Orleans, where I gave this presentation on customer experience beyond customer contact.

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04 Jan

The Marketing Audit: A Concise Overview

I purchased the audio version of this book several years ago, and find myself re-listening to it again, every few months. To get the checklist and have the book...

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