07 May

A Few Leads (every month) For You

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Your events are all canceled, making it harder to market, and the recession is just getting started, making it harder to sell. You know me as an analyst, but remember I am publisher of 3 focused business publications and founder of a B2B / G2B connection factory.

I have a solution for you. We can provide you with at least 10 phone meetings (one-to-one, not ineffective marketing webinars) per month with qualified enterprise targets. We have been doing this for the past 7 years and have gotten very good at it, developing a track record of success learning what works and what doesn’t.

Even in good times this is maybe the most efficient way possible to get yourself or your high-level executives into conversations with prospects, but even more so now, with traditional methods cut off.

How? Simple. Our targeted business media operations already generate thousands of visitors each day. Our unique Unidotrak technology (click to see how it works) allows us to identify every single company that visits, and what they read. We wrote a nice article about you, or about something that generates attention from your target prospects? We know exactly who read it. With between 5000-8000 visitors per day, we already have the enterprise traffic. We just need to sort, filter, and follow up with these readers, introducing them to your top people to close new business.

Nobody else can do this

Other media outlets and the biggest analyst firms are not going to generate confirmed appointments with enterprise leads for you. Like the 2000 UPS commercial (remember this?) ridiculing consultants said, “they don’t do the work, they talk about the work” their value only goes so far.

There are “business development firms” out there (how are they working out for you?) that have zero capability to generate & distribute the content & coverage that we do, placing your unique proposition in front of executive eyeballs and generate immediate bankable results.

Bonus: You also get something that normally is very expensive

To generate and track the traffic, then call them and deliver them to you or your sales executives, we produce & curate enhanced coverage of you with news, insight and content tailored and targeted towards your target market.

Examples of what I mean:

  • If you want to reach CIOs concerned about security, we create news & content campaigns on security to generate, track & identify interest.
  • Your geography is ideal for foreign direct investment (FDI)? Rather than generate boring content that says “our location is great! Bla bla blah!” We drill down on FDI moves and deals in other places as well as yours. What we want to do is identify people in the earlier stages, about to make a move and not yet considering your geography. We identify them, then bring them to you so you can present your geography as an option.
  • Quote to Cash business process management? We create enhanced coverage media campaigns (still completely independent, honest & ethical news coverage) on the topic, allowing us to identify exactly who is paying attention in order to bring them to you.

As part of this, because we want to track and identify invest or buy-side interest in your offer, we need to create advanced, enhanced news and research coverage of your activities, as well. This is included.

Lower your spend, present direct, immediate & measurable results

This is simple and with no moving parts. All necessary travel is included, and under normal circumstances we travel constantly to generate leads and harvest engagement. For example, are you targeting the mortgage or insurance industry? We attend their industry events, and at no outside cost to you.

The only time you would cover travel expenses would be to bring us (analyst + camera operator) to cover your own functions, such as analyst relations, customer summit, site visit, etc. according to our travel policy.

Some aspects of the offer:

  • You set the parameters of what “qualified enterprise prospect” means.
  • Engagement fee + first month to start, then each month billed.
  • I have already cut all the fat out of this deal, it is as low as possible, and remember—all inclusive.
  • We can scale up to quite a few leads if you need, or if 10 is too much, we can scale down to a minimum of 5 appointments per month (at a minimum monthly cost of $6,000).
  • These are 1 on 1 meetings with high level executives, not webinars or calls with procurement departments.
  • Cancel anytime — with 1 month advance notice. Protect your budgetary flexibility, and hold us accountable for results.
  • Our Unidotrak Business Intelligence Platform is included, giving you valuable insight on identifying specifically which corporate prospects are checking you out.


“It’s too expensive!”

No it’s not.   It cost you way over $35,000 including travel, minimum to sponsor and attend your last event, and I bet you didn’t get 35 solid follow up calls with interested, qualified prospects out of it. I bet! Plus, now your events are all canceled anyway. What else are you planning to do?

Take out your calculator and add up travel, event sponsorship, content marketing, and all the ineffective stuff that wastes time. It will add up to a lot more than $1,000 per new discussion between a buy-side executive and one of your sales team. Am I wrong?

“I can do this on my corporate blog!”

Yeah, but who reads it? Check your traffic…better yet, check your results. People go to your blog when they are already invested in you. It feeds content to people you already have relationships with it; it doesn’t create relationships. Is your blog calling you up and setting appointments for you?

Think back to the last time there was a great news article written about you. Now suppose if the media channel both gave you a report of every company that read the article, and then prequalified, called up those readers and arranged a meeting between them and you? That’s what this is about!



    Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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