04 Jan

The Marketing Audit: A Concise Overview

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The author, management guru Dr. Orlando Skelton uses a brief b-school style case study to demonstrate a scenario for a marketing audit, provides background, and shows how one would go about the audit. The author approaches the topic in such a way that the book is useful for either consumer or B2B marketers, and is relevant for both very small businesses and large enterprises . An individual professional, or tradesman could even find value if willing to do the audit and apply the results.
I purchased the audio version of this book several years ago, and find myself re-listening to it again, every few months. To get the checklist and have the book as a handy guide I also bought the Kindle edition. It is an easy read/listen, written without industry jargon, and only 45 minutes, a quick and easy listen. Its low price makes it a great value. It provides actionable “what to do” guidance, not just generalized platitudes.

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