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04 Apr

Photographers Are Extremely Disappointed WIth Canon. That Includes Me.

I sincerely hope Canon's policy with its new EOS R series evolves quickly and decisively. Until then, I'm refraining.

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30 Apr

Opteka Flash: An Example Of Defective Design. Beware!

I needed a compact flash for my Canon 5D. I have a full size flash but often it is too heavy and unwieldy and I needed to have a...

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18 Jun

This 10-Buck Camera Sling Strap Literally Saved My Neck

Looking at the pictures, and even looking at it when it arrived, it looked kind of weird. But I have a full frame DSLR that is way too heavy...

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10 Jun

Finally A Versatile Soft Camera Case That Can Handle My Full Frame DSLR

I purchased this rooCase, and am quite pleased. It is roomy, well constructed, has plenty of versatile pockets, and has its own little raincoat that folds out to protect...

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