18 Jun

This 10-Buck Camera Sling Strap Literally Saved My Neck

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Looking at the pictures, and even looking at it when it arrived, it looked kind of weird. But I have a full frame DSLR that is way too heavy to strap around your neck. I have belt pouches but it takes too long to unpack your camera when you need quick access.
I attached this to my heavy Canon EOS 5D mk4 and was comfortable with my camera all day long! You can easily pull it up to shooting position, then store it down in a relaxed position. It is easy to walk around, sit, or dismount.
It packs up very small too, almost pocket size. It comes with a couple extra camera screw mounts, too.

I have a vest with a DSLR chest mount that I use when I am on a long hike or doing nature photography. This I like because it is well suited to urban environments and I use it in business and corporate settings where the vest is just too much. It really works well and is far superior to the standard neck strap.

This is a purchase that very much exceeded my expectations. I purchased a different SKU that was discontinued but this seems to be the exact same item.

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