10 Jun

Finally A Versatile Soft Camera Case That Can Handle My Full Frame DSLR

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I have a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. It is a heavy camera with a metal frame. Add a telephoto lens and camera cases for APS-C cameras like my wife’s 77D won’t handle the big SLR. I purchased this rooCase, and am quite pleased. It is roomy, well constructed, has plenty of versatile pockets, and has its own little raincoat that folds out to protect it in the weather. The construction is pro quality, and it can be worn with a shoulder strap or holster-style, though at just over 1 pound, it is a bit large for a belt. If you have a consumer-size APS-C camera, you may not need something this large, but if you have a full frame DSLR then this works well. There is not enough room for a full size flash, so you will have to pack that separately. You can probably squeeze a compact flash in there.

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