30 Apr

Opteka Flash: An Example Of Defective Design. Beware!

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I needed a compact flash for my Canon 5D. I have a full size flash but often it is too heavy and unwieldy and I needed to have a lighter option handy so I was happy to come across this Opteka IF-500. However, it does not communicate with the camera at all, and only fires full power. There is no TTL function as advertised.

I contacted the company and they kindly sent me a replacement but it doesn’t work either. To verify that it wasn’t a camera-specific issue, I tried it on my wife’s Canon EOS 77D but there is no difference. It is clearly a defective model.

While I thought this would be a good lower cost alternative, it was a false economy. If you shoot Canon like me, just bite the bullet and get a Canon Speedlite. It’s what I wish I had done now. 

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