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Felinex Decision Support Packages Deliver Business Intelligence With Critical Research & Insight

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Our Felinex packages are designed to bring the world to you, for strategy and decision support.

For our Caninex packages designed to bring your offering to the world, for business development and investment value generation, click here.

Who should you be selling to? Who should you be buying from? Who should you buy through merger or acquisition? What are the key emerging geographies, technologies & platforms that you need to keep an eye on?

Felinex is biased towards an inbound communications flow: Business intelligence over marketing

To streamline the engagement process, Loren Moss has created a simplified engagement offering for research, analysis and business intelligence clients. If you think of an iceberg, the tip is the public news and information disseminated via our various channels and outlets. The overwhelming bulk of our work is done quietly, discreetly, on behalf of our enterprise, government and institutional clients. It is in your interest to join this very exclusive group.

The following is a summary. Feel free to reach out for any questions or clarifications.

Customized to your business or agency sector. Highly efficient business intelligence.Personalized and unique, specific to you and your business. Effective decision support. 

Bespoke: Directed and responsive research and sight exclusive to your specific and dynamic needs.

1 executive access license


2 executive access licenses


4 executive access licenses


Unlimited within reason email, voice, chat senior analyst access


Unlimited within reason email, voice, chat senior analyst access


Unlimited within reason email, voice, chat senior analyst access


Unidotrak Business Intelligence Platform


Unidotrak Business Intelligence Platform


Unidotrak Business Intelligence Platform


Monthly sector intelligence summary


Monthly intelligence reports


Weekly intelligence reports


Up to 1 research short / year


Up to 4 research shorts


Up to 6 research shorts


Up to 2 executive briefings


Up to 4 executive briefings


1 or 2 day on-site executive strategy session at your site


Monthly cost: $995$2,995$4,995

All plans have a one time launch fee equal to the monthly payment. Launch fee & 1st month due at commitment.

  • Every client engagement is customized, with deliverables adjusted and defined based on your specific needs.
  • Our unique intelligence reports keep you ahead of events, alerting you to potential moves and potential risks in the markets relevant to you. We provide you with critical and timely information on:
    • What your competitors are up to
    • Companies you may want to acquire
    • Companies you may want to sell or reach out to
    • Existing customers, vendors, and their activities
    • Companies you may want to buy from
    • Key emerging technologies & platforms relevant to you
  • All our clients are protected by a blanket nondisclosure agreement (NDA).
  • The Executive Access Licensee is the designated person who can order deliverables or access analyst consulting. For example, if a client has 2 executive access licenses, then 2 people per client organization can contact the analyst for email, voice or chat consulting. Senior analyst access does not include research, which is a separate deliverable (see below!)
  • Our Unidotrak business intelligence platform can be read about here.
  • We constantly monitor your clients, competitors, vendors and the industry on your behalf for intelligence summaries or briefings provided on a periodic basis, or “heads up alerts” for notification of key business intelligence items as soon as we learn of them; passing that information on discretely and directly to you.
  • A research short is a 1-3-page brief prepared on your behalf regarding a topic or issue of your choice. Perhaps it is information on a competitor, new technology platform, developments in geographies where you are active, or even pending legislation that may impact your business.
  • An executive briefing is a more in-depth researched briefing with PowerPoint presentation and compiled data, presented to you and your executive team via web conference, along with responses to your questions and queries.
  • The executive strategy session takes place at a mutually convenient time and date where we present more in-depth research based on client needs, and work with our client to assess and confront in a collaborative manner specific challenges or opportunities that they would like to discuss. The agenda is set in advance by our client and we arrive prepared with responses and supporting research.
  • If ongoing research, insight & analysis is more than you need, consider our project-based hourly consulting.- click here.
  • All necessary travel is booked and paid for in advance by the client per our travel policy – click here.
  • Monthly subscription rates are based on an annual client commitment and increase each year by the US CPI+3%
  • Services cease should payment fall into arrears. A gap of 3 months in a client subscription requires a new launch fee.
  • It is the client’s obligation to make service deliverable requests known.
  • Deliverables do not “roll over” into the next 12-month term. If you don’t request and use a committed deliverable in one year, you don’t get two the next.
  • Deliverables requested in the last quarter of a 12-month term may take up to 60 days extra to deliver, as firms sometimes delay their request, causing an end of year rush.
  • Client satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unhappy with something, we fix it. If not, you may cancel with 2 month’s notice.

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