07 Jun

Audience – Interactors – Clients: Our Unique Engagement Model

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Though I am an active publisher, with several publications targeting specific audiences based on  client needs, my organization’s unique value proposition  lies in our carefully cultivated network of “Interactors.”

At the center of our engagement ecosystem are our clients. These are generally enterprises or government agencies that wish to accomplish specific objectives over a time period.

Most broadly, our audience consists of consumers of our content; especially our free news, thought leadership and research. Most of this is produced in an unbiased independent fashion, though we also disseminate client sponsored content, or content created through engagement with our interactors.

Our network of interactors consists of carefully cultivated relationships with C-suite executives, corporate board members, trustees, and government leaders. We engage with these individuals over time, and through their matriculation inside of and across companies, roles and assignments.

We work to add value to every interaction with these professionals without offering anything for sale or asking for business. Quite the opposite, our goal at each point of contact is to provide valuable research, information, or connection with potential collaborators. We may reach out to these executives in the course of our own research to gather firsthand data such as anonymized statistics (salary data for example) or to gauge opinions or industry sentiment. Often, we contact our interactors to invite them to meet one on one with our clients when there is an opportunity for mutual benefit. Very frequently, we contact our network of interactors during the course of research for news or information to be published to our audience.

Our network of clients, audience, and interactors is global, with high concentrations in North America (Canada & USA) with significant counts in Europe, APAC, EMEA, The Caribbean & Latin America.

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