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02 Aug

It’s Official: My Latest Business Book On Nearshore Site Selection Is An Amazon Bestseller! THANK YOU

The Bahamas deserves close consideration for specialty & high value BPO and nearshore service delivery site selection, as well as consideration by remote worker professionals, digital nomads, and lifestyle entrepreneurs....

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24 Dec

Merry Christmas, Thank You, & 5 Predictions for 2021

Stay safe. Wash your hands and wear your face mask in public for now. I appreciate my friends and colleagues, so let’s figure out how to do great things...

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30 Oct

When and How to Use Machine Learning With RPA in Finance

When their powers are combined, ML and RPA have the potential to generate analytic insights and further improve the efficiency of finance processes.

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07 Jun

Caninex Go-To-Market Packages Are Designed With Business Development & Investment Value Generation In Mind

Our Caninex go-to-market packages are designed to bring your offering to the world, with business development & investment value generation in mind. For our Felinex packages designed to bring...

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06 Jun

Felinex Decision Support Packages Deliver Business Intelligence With Critical Research & Insight

To simplify the engagement process, Loren Moss has created a simplified engagement offering for research, analysis and business intelligence clients. It is in your interest to join this very...

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29 Apr

Sociopolitical Factors in The Development & Renovation of Hydroelectric Plants

Hydroelectric energy has gone from being the epitome of renewable energy to having a somewhat tarnished reputation. This isn’t because there is anything wrong with the method of generating...

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20 Mar

Join me to discuss socio-political factors in the development and renovation of hydroelectric plants

Join me in my upcoming webinar to discuss hydroelectric power investment opportunities in Latin America.

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05 Jan

Physical Asset Due Diligence Supports Your Decision & Protects Your Investment

Analyst & researcher Loren Moss conducts physical asset due diligence, compliance and verification practice to service the investment community, including investment banks, private equity firms, law firms, corporate investors,...

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