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27 Jun

The Reason Foundation’s Daniel Raisbeck Tells Me What Peru’s Election Says About Economic Liberty In Latin America

What can observers take from events in Peru? And what takeaways are relevant for economic and civil liberty more broadly in the Americas? Daniel Raisbeck shares some prescient...

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05 Oct

Decentralize Power To Unite The Nation: Cato Institute’s Chris Edwards

Americans have grown less happy with the federal government even as the number of federal programs ostensibly created to serve them has increased. Federal intervention in education, health care,...

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21 May

Banning Highly Skilled & Professional Immigrants Makes You Dumber – Cato Institute

The Trump Administration is reportedly working on an executive order to ban the issuance of new H-1B visas. His order is expected to be issued before the end of this month....

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28 Sep

Cato Institute Survey: Trump Pushes Democrats Towards Socialism

My favorite think-tank, the libertarian Cato Institute has come out with a survey that both reveals concerns and shows some optimism when it comes to US voter attitudes on...

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