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02 Oct

The Viva Effect: How A Scrappy 3-Plane Startup Discombobulated The Latin American Airline Sector

I highly recommend this book if you are interested in Colombia, Commercial Aviation (especially the new low-cost model pioneered by Ryanair & Southwest), entrepreneurship—especially outside of the tech/software sector,...

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21 May

Editorial Consulting & Managed Publishing: Your voice deserves to be heard!

As a published, professional editor with deep domain technology in business, technology and other areas, I can help you as a thought leader, or your firm to create compelling...

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20 May

Ignore Your Customers And They’ll Go Away

I just finished a great new book by Customer Experience expert Micah Solomon called Ignore Your Customers (And They’ll Go Away): The Simple Playbook for Delivering the Ultimate Customer...

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31 Oct

Dan Carlin’s First Book Is An Enjoyable Tour Through The Collapse of History

Dan Carlin’s eagerly anticipated first book “The End is Always Near” doesn’t disappoint. In his freshman treatise, the journalist offers us a loosely threaded anthology of essays on past...

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