21 May

Editorial Consulting & Managed Publishing: Your voice deserves to be heard!

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Are you in the content business? Probably not, that’s why you are here. Whatever your profession or industry, you have a story to tell and a message to share. Whether you desire a long form book, a shorter document like a white paper or e-book, or a consistent effective flow of content for your corporate blog, it helps to partner with a professional.

Let’s get started on your:

      • Book

      • Print or digital magazine or journal

      • Corporate blog or newsletter

      • Kindle, e-book, report or white paper


As a published, professional editor with deep domain technology in business, technology and other areas, I can help you as a thought leader, or your firm to create compelling content that accomplishes your objectives and exceeds your goals. This may include editorial services, native-English copywriting for non-native authors & global firms, ghostwriting, content production, editorial consulting, or helping you to navigate through the new 21st century publishing process.

  • I have edited several nonfiction business and technology books (click here)
  • Companies such as UruIT and Orbita Healthcare have trusted me in the past with creating ebooks and content for their corporate blogs.
  • I currently manage and oversee publication of several business and technology journals:
    • Cognitive Business – Disruptive Enterprise Technology From a Business Perspective
    • Finance Americas – Latam & Caribbean Investment, Fintech, & Services
    • Finance Colombia – The Only English Language News Source Dedicated To Colombia’s Financial Sector
  • For almost 5 years I managed the production of over a dozen a full color computer product & accessory
  • The Government of Trinidad & Tobago wanted a magazine launched and managed to promote their twin-island country as an ideal foreign direct investment destination. They contracted with me to launch and manage the endeavor on an outsourced basis.
  • A Russian investigative journalist and a Romanian romance novelist trusted me with editing their books into native-English final manuscripts.
    • For the Russian exposé I managed the entire publishing process including traditional print, Kindle e-book, and retail distribution.


Contact me now using the Whatsapp button or the contact form below whether you are an individual professional with something important to share with the world, or an organization that needs to craft a consistent message, convey value, or document your unique corporate culture and institutional history.

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