06 Jan

Sample International Site Selection Report For Private Client Internal Use

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In 2017 a client contracted with me to conduct confidential site selection research in Jamaica. I was to identify suitable potential BPO/shared services sites, and residences for key management. I was to conduct this research without revealing the client’s identity. I spent two weeks in Jamaica coordinating with developers, property owners and local government to conduct this research. As the client corporation no longer exists, I can now share this report as an example of on-location site selection work product.

In this particular case, the client wanted speed; a “quick and dirty” report without much formatting for internal use. A team of their executives was arriving soon, and they wanted information to create a short-list and have appointments and tours pre-arranged upon their arrival.  I arranged that, and accompanied them throughout the visit, then negotiated the final commercial lease with a local developer in Montego Bay.

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Headline image: a new class-A BPO development under construction in Montego Bay, Jamaica (Photo Credit: Loren Moss, all rights reserved)

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