21 May

Creating a Healthier World, One Person at a Time

Publisher: Write Stuff Books

Author: Jeffrey Rodengen

My role: Senior Editor

Creating a Healthier World, One Person at a Time is the purpose of Healthways, a company that helps people live healthier and longer lives. In this book, readers will discover the dramatic twists and turns taken by the people whose innovation and tenacity are changing the world’s understanding of the social, emotional, physical, and financial value of improved well-being. Founded as American Healthways in 1981, the company pioneered a comprehensive approach to health management and is the acknowledged worldwide leader in the market, delivering its proven, comprehensive, and integrated Well-Being Improvement Solution to approximately 68 million individuals.

To purchase, please contact Write Stuff Books directly at 954.462.6657

After working full time for this highly esteemed business book publisher based in Ft. Lauderdale Florida as a Senior Editor, I was honored to be promoted to the company’s Director of Marketing where I was responsible for all marketing efforts including web / online, business intelligence, and the company’s extensive B2B direct mail operations.

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