09 Feb

The Cali Marriott Is A Sensible Albeit Pricy Business Travel Option

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Coffee and tea are complementary. There is a stocked refrigerator below.

I had the occasion to stay recently at the Marriott in Cali, Colombia. A business hotel popular for events, and the designated hotel for multiple airlines’ staff travel. I had been to this property before for meetings, but hadn’t stayed overnight. The meeting facilities are flexible and can handle multiple simultaneous events, what one would expect of a Marriott.

The hotel is located in an upscale neighborhood near Cali’s popular San Antonio neighborhood. It is a close walk to many gourmet restaurants and other attractions, but is not in a party district. Other nearby hotels include the Hotel Intercontinental, and the Movich, a local business travel chain.

Refreshing but uncommon in Colombia, the hotel featured a full bathtub. The bed was exceedingly comfortable, and the room had responsive climate control. There is a minibar refrigerator, and in room coffee service. Bottled water, a profit center for the hotel is on hand, but the municipal water in Cali is safe to drink. The room had a view of the nocturnal cali skyline.

Though the minibar items were for sale, a nice complementary chocolate pastry was waiting in the room.
Though the minibar items were for sale, a nice complementary chocolate pastry was waiting in the room.

I hope to return to the hotel soon to try the Japanese sushi lunch buffet, which offers “All You Can Eat” for $34,500 pesos per person, or about $10 USD. Unlike Bogotá and Medellín, Cali is near the Pacific Ocean, so it will be interesting to see how fresh the seafood is. Unfortunately I had an early morning departure and had to leave for the airport, located in Palmira, a suburb some miles outside of Cali.

Guests receive a nightly turn-down service, always a nice touch. Visitors may opt out by simply displaying the do-not-disturb sign.

The friendly staff, included wifi, immaculate, comfortable room, and elegant decor are all positives. The hotel is expensive for Colombia, at $158 USD according to Booking.com. Significantly more for example, than the Hotel Intercontinental which comes in at $108 on the day I made the comparison.

Cali Marriott night view from room.
Cali Marriott night view from room.

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