18 May

Can A Simple Stapler Lead To A Happier Life?

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Well, maybe if it is this one. I purchased this Swingline Optima 40 not expecting much, just a good solid stapler. The last couple of staplers I purchased, cheaper plastic ones didn’t hold up well.  I was surprised. This little hand-held stapler is an example of great engineering. It feels good in the hand, like a hot buttered biscuit feels to the mouth.

How much can be said about a stapler? A  metal core surrounded by ergonomic plastic, but durable plastic. I think its ABS like football helmets. It is small and ergonomic and can be used handheld or desktop. It works well on the desk, but can easily be thrown in a suitcase, and travels better than the traditional desktop designs.

It takes standard staples and can staple 40 pages or so, which amazes me. It is a lot better built than some of the other new style staplers that also use the stored-energy design that gives them more leverage. others seem to break the first time they take a fall but this one is much sturdier and worth the slight extra price. I can easily imagine it lasting a lifetime like my dad’s old desktop swingline, and the big ones for putting up posters, but modernized for this century.

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