05 Apr

Investor Communications For Latin American & Caribbean Enterprises

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Your Business is in Latin America or The Caribbean.

Your Investors are in North America, Europe, or Asia.

Loren Moss can help bridge the communications gap.

Whether your company’s stock is actively traded, or you are in the pre-IPO and fundraising stage, strategic communications is critical to ensure that your company’s story is told in a compelling, legally compliant manner. With the unique combination of publishing and editorial experience on top of a decade working in the US capital markets & securities industry, Loren Moss works with you and your company to:

  • Craft your corporate story in a compelling way so that investors not only understand but want to be a part of what you are creating.
  • Develop comprehensive investor marketing campaigns, carefully targeted towards intended audiences.
  • Ensure that your electronic communications, including website, email, and social media are aligned to your purpose; creating the channels when existing infrastructure isn’t yet there.
  • Conducting bilingual & bicultural training where necessary, and practicing interviews, challenge questions and preparation for handling news media—and tough questions from investors and analysts!
  • Investor outreach — reaching out to potential institutional investors on your behalf, scheduling 1-on-1 meetings and investor teleconferences, as appropriate.
  • Work with your legal counsel to ensure compliance, disclosures, safe-harbor statements, and other requirements.
  • Investor press — You probably already have your PR agency for promoting your products or services. We reach out and engage specifically with the investment and financial media to ensure that your story is told in a compelling, accurate fashion. We know how to talk to financial media…because we ARE financial media!
  • Media and advertising support in our own publications and social media networks: Finance Colombia, Finance Americas, Cognitive Business News.
  • Creation and management of your investor relations website and materials
  • Preparation and management of earnings communications, including investor presentations, videos, annual reports, and earnings podcasts.
  • Provide market and competitor briefings, bespoke analyst reports for internal consumption on relevant developments that can affect your operations and profitability.
  • Investor Relationship Management — Your sales team uses CRM to track and manage communications to sales prospect. Our proprietary, proven system allows us to manage and coordinate communications with your community of current and potential investors. You don’t have a community of current and potential investors? We will help you develop a vibrant, engaged one, and manage it on your behalf.
  • Event coordination: Investor & Analyst Days — Allow us to coordinate investor and analyst outreach events, such as facility tours, site visits, and road shows to effectively communicate and support your progress. This includes researching, curating and inviting the audience, preparation of materials, coordination of logistics, production of any print and audiovisual material, media promotion of the event when appropriate; even rehearsing with your executives when necessary.
  • Unidotrak investor monitoring — Our proprietary technology allows you to know in real-time, when institutional investors, bankers, insurers and analysts visit your investor relations website, and what material they review.

Unlike pure marketing or PR firms, for early-stage firms, we actually connect you to quantifiable investors. You can measure our results by the potential investors we are able to connect you with. For larger firms, our results are measurable and quantifiable by the growth in the community of formal investors.

Contact us now. Let’s get started evangelizing your corporate story and connecting you with the investors key to your success!


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