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My own analysis and attempt to answer the most important question of all: “And then what happens?”

05 Jan

Physical Asset Due Diligence Supports Your Decision & Protects Your Investment

Analyst & researcher Loren Moss conducts physical asset due diligence, compliance and verification practice to service the investment community, including investment banks, private equity firms, law firms, corporate investors,...

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28 Sep

Cato Institute Survey: Trump Pushes Democrats Towards Socialism

My favorite think-tank, the libertarian Cato Institute has come out with a survey that both reveals concerns and shows some optimism when it comes to US voter attitudes on...

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21 Sep

Letter from Loren for September, 2019

The thing that has been on my mind quite a bit recently is the apparent impending recession. We are very long in the traditional business cycle, with the last...

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22 Jun

Sample Intelligence Brief

Government outsourcer EGL has been acquired by SAIC in a 6.5 billion dollar deal. TCS reported 50% quarter over quarter growth and Infosys reported 30% quarter over quarter  growth...

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22 Jun

Sample Research Brief

Strategy Brief for CLIENT Regarding Blockchain INTRODUCTION Blockchain is a computer network based distributed ledger arrangement allowing for open, trusted transactions or process tracking that utilizes encryption and distributed,...

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22 Jun

The Marketing Audit: Are Your Marketing Activities Aligned With Your Corporate Strategy?

Our Marketing Audit examines over 32 separate variables as appropriate and relevant to your particular organization, and the end result is a set of actionable findings that help clearly...

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28 Jun

Download test site – pagina de prueba

To download our sample content, please click here:  Podemos hacer contenidos audios, escritos, videos ilimitados disponibles para viajeros quien quieren descargarlos gratis a sus dispositivos para el vuelo…episodios, podcasts,...

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14 Feb

2024 Standard Consulting Rates Released

This policy simplifies accounting and billing for everyone and keeps the focus on the work to be done.

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05 Dec

The Year Ahead In BPO, Shared Services & Global Delivery – 2017

2016 was a year marked by significant change and uncertainty across the spectrum of business process outsourcing, from software development to call centers. Political, technological, and human factors have...

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06 Sep

Customer-Centricity Is No Longer Just For The Customer

Customer-Centricity has implications for IT, BPO, and internal organizational processes, not just customer support and CCO

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17 Aug

Why the CIO should care about the IBM-Apple Computer Linkup

Last month, computer scions Apple & IBM announced a collaboration to develop and market over 100 mobile applications to run on Apple’s iOS operating system, and providing business solutions...

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23 Dec

The year ahead in BPO – 2013

Everyone has opinions on where business is headed this year. A lot of uncertainty was removed once the US election was behind us, and even though the BPO industry...

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