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26 May

Investment Promotion Agencies Are Tired Of Hearing “Do More With Less”

Now is the time to communicate a compelling case of why your locale is ideal for cost effectiveness, geographic diversity, talent, language, and business continuity.

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20 May

Telework Disrupts Location Strategy for Investment Promotion Agencies

What if your investment promotion agency and location can attract these people who can work literally anywhere—and I don’t mean only contact center workers from the next island over—but...

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06 Jan

Research Report: Comparison of Investment Incentives, Mexico, Colombia, US Southern States

This is a report my team and I were commissioned to research and present comparing the corporate benefits and investment incentives offered by governments through their IPAs

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05 Jan

Critical Support for Investment Promotion Agencies

Many of my engagements are with government Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) designed to help you increase Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). There are many different types of engagements and different...

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