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27 Aug

Frank Casale of Choiceworx Explains RPA’s “Broken Bot Syndrome” & What They are Doing About It

AI powered RPA bot-management firm Choiceworx has been making moves recently. Global technology firm tracker Tracxn has already designated Choiceworx as a Minicorn worth keeping an eye on! Analyst...

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03 Oct

Has Your Customer Experience Adapted To Our New Remote-First Post-COVID World? Don’t Panic, We Are Here To Help

In our newly distributed environment, the businesses that are able to remain closest to their customers are thriving, while less agile competition is being left behind. Whether B2B, B2C,...

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09 Jan

CRISPR & Customer Experience; or AI & “Food For Thought” (turnips, no doubt!)

What if using your genetic profile and CRISPR, a vendor could engineer a new fruit to be uniquely delicious for your taste buds?

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