27 Jul

My Panasonic DMC-LX2K Digital Camera Was A Real Trooper:

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I have always been an SLR photographer and have held off on purchasing a digital camera up until this one because I previously was not convinced of the resolution capabilities of digital. I travel a lot and sometimes due to space and sometimes due to the desire to be inconspicuous I have needed something smaller than my full size SLRs. After a lot of research, looking at every model I could find, I settled on this Panasonic Lumix LX2 because I don’t have to give up the control over every aspect of the photo. This camera lets you be a control freak, or you can leave it in one of several automatic modes. It can store pictures in RAW mode, which is important to me (the Canon G7 lost out because it didn’t have this) but the JPEG mode is great. I have blown up some prints from this camera and I am completely satisfied with the quality, and I was skeptical before, expecting to be underwhelmed.

I wrote this review back in 2007. The camera lasted me until 2013 when I replaced it with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS30

I originally bought this as a backup to my SLRs but I already see this will be my primary camera unless I am a situation that calls for a special lens, flash power, or super high resolution (like 25 or 60 ASA)

My only suggestion to Panasonic would be to allow you to charge the battery while in the camera, like with a car charger, and make some sort of accommodation for external flash. The flash on this camera is the weak spot – it’s really not that bad for the size but if it could sync with an external flash that would be good.

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