05 Jan

Foreign Investors: I Bet You Are Probably Overlooking These 6 Colombian Cities…At Your Own Peril

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Colombia’s economy continues to grow, and the country attracts more foreign direct investment every year. Just this October, over a billion US dollars in FDI was announced at investment Promotion Agency ProColombia’s 2019 Investment Summit. Colombia’s capital of 9 million souls, Bogotá continues to receive most attention from foreign businesses considering Colombia, closely followed by Medellín; Colombia’s aspiring version of Silicon Valley with a population of 2.5 million, though suburbs and nearby bedroom communities house another 2 million for a metropolitan of over 4 million people. Still, as a country of almost 50 million people, there are other destinations that may be worth considering.

Barranquilla “La Arenosa (sandy city)” Human Development Index: .821—High, Population 1,232,462

Barranquilla is Colombia’s largest coastal city, with a population of 1.2 million; slightly more residents than nearby Cartagena. While Cartagena is a famous historical tourist city, Barranquilla is an industrial powerhouse and on the…

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