27 Apr

My Portable Duxtop Induction Cooktop Travels With Me on Extended Stays

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Often when I travel, there is either no cooking stove, or whatever is provided just sucks! I needed something powerful and portable, so 6 years ago I purchased this amazing induction cooktop. It still works like new so it’s durable (for noncommercial use), it is very lightweight and even fits in my carry on luggage. I am very impressed by it; it actually puts out enough heat to stir fry in my wok, as opposed to just steaming the food into a soggy mess! I have the 8310ST but there are several variants.

It still isn’t the same as a high BTU gas flame, but it is more powerful than the largest burner on the last 3 full size electric stoves I have had, and is stronger than the regular burners on my current gas cooktop. An induction cooktop like this really doesn’t get hot-just the pots or pans; like a microwave doesn’t heat up the plates or bowls (unless you use the wrong kind). I actually put a paper towel under the pans while I am cooking and it doesn’t burn. On the other hand, the pans instantly heat up. A small quantity of water will be boiling in seconds.

IMPORTANT: You do need to have the right kinds of pots and pans. My cast iron skillet and carbon steel wok work fine, but none of my other pots and pans, not even the ones I thought were regular steel. If a magnet doesn’t stick to your pot or pan, it probably won’t work with this. It does have a ventilation fan that makes a reasonable amount of noise, but less than a residential kitchen hood.

Once I found myself overnighting in a chilly studio apartment, so I actually put a pot of water to boil on this portable cooktop and it heated the entire apartment!

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