16 Dec

The Cuisinart HM-70 is the “Maserati of Mixers”

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This mixer is great! I can’t think of anything to do to improve upon it other than make it free or include beer in the box.

Its 7 speeds go from slow – so that you can start out without spattering batter everywhere – to high, so powerful that it wants to torsion your wrist like a power tool. It’s not too loud considering its power, and the digital display allows you to closely duplicate your results and technique time after time.

At this point I wouldn’t even consider any other hand mixer, and I feel like I can now put off indefinitely the purchase of a stand mixer. Unless you are baking big batches and really need a stand mixer, this will do fine. It is powerful enough to easily handle dense bread doughs, but because of its low speed settings won’t go and splatter merengue or egg whites all over the kitchen.

The Cuisinart HM-70 is the Maserati of Mixers!

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