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31 May

Sharmi Surianarain of Harambee Talks About Africa’s Untapped Potential For Professional Talent In The CX & IT Sectors

Young aspiring professionals that matriculate through Harambee’s programs are ready and eager to compete on a global level for employment opportunities.

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23 Oct

Roundtable of Outsourcing Heavyweights Discuss Rwanda’s Prospects As A GBS Hub For CX & IT

Rwanda as a global business services destination? Maybe so! Loren Moss moderates a discussion by GBS / Outsourcing luminaries after a visit to Kigali.

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24 Jul

Mariano Castaños Explains The Strategy Behind Konecta’s Comdata Acquisition

Konecta's LatAm CEO Mariano Castaños discusses the BPO's Comdata acquisitions and growth strategy.

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03 Oct

How To Inexpensively Connect Your Cow (or Horse, Pig, Camel, Goat, Sheep, Zoo Animal, etc.) To The Internet With IoT

Our animal companions, whether pets and hobbies, or ranches, zoos, farms, or natural resources, are more valuable than ever. IoT or the Internet of Things allows us to monitor...

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18 Apr

AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies: A Conversation Between Paypal’s Sri Shivananda & Loren Moss

Loren Moss was able to sit down for a conversation with PayPal CTO Sri Shivananda, where Shivananda sheds light on where PayPal stands with regards to Artificial Intelligence, blockchain,...

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21 Jan

Seedstars Shines A Much-Needed Spotlight on Emerging Markets At Seedstars Summit In Lausanne, Switzerland

The 7th edition of the Seedstars Summit event, Seedstars 2020 will occur in Lausanne, Switzerland from March 30 to April 3rd, 2020.

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05 Jan

Trinidad & Tobago Breaks Through Into Top Tier of Global Services Destinations

I prepared this special report for the Trinidad & Tobago International Financial Centre, Trinidad & Tobago's Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) for the financial sector.

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