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Tools for the Business Travel Lifestyle: I travel a lot, almost constantly. I share with you what tools I have found to work, for the road warrior, the jet-setter, and even the leisurely rambler.

04 Jan

Soundpeats May Be The Best Bluetooth Headphones You Have Never Heard Of

I needed a replacement for my frail wired in-ear headphones by Sennheiser that didn’t last more than five uses. I travel a lot and I like to travel light....

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16 Dec

The Cuisinart HM-70 is the “Maserati of Mixers”

This mixer is great! I can’t think of anything to do to improve upon it other than make it free or include beer in the box. Its 7 speeds...

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30 Apr

Opteka Flash: An Example Of Defective Design. Beware!

I needed a compact flash for my Canon 5D. I have a full size flash but often it is too heavy and unwieldy and I needed to have a...

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18 Jun

This 10-Buck Camera Sling Strap Literally Saved My Neck

Looking at the pictures, and even looking at it when it arrived, it looked kind of weird. But I have a full frame DSLR that is way too heavy...

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10 Jun

Finally A Versatile Soft Camera Case That Can Handle My Full Frame DSLR

I have a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. It is a heavy camera with a metal frame. Add a telephoto lens and camera cases for APS-C cameras like my...

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27 Apr

My Portable Duxtop Induction Cooktop Travels With Me on Extended Stays

Often when I travel, there is either no cooking stove, or whatever is provided just sucks! I needed something powerful and portable, so 6 years ago I purchased this...

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29 Sep

My Sennheiser In-Ear Stereo Headphones Were Too Fragile For The Real World. Here Is What I Replaced Them With

I purchased these wired in-ear headphones by Sennheiser back in 2014. I have always been an audiophile and since I couldn’t try them before I purchased, I trusted the...

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13 Sep

I Got My Panasonic DMC-ZS30K Pocket Digital Camera in 2013. It’s Still Going Strong.

I travel, as a journalist, and sometimes I am in some dicey places where a full SLR can make you a target. 7 years ago I purchased a Panasonic...

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27 Jul

My Panasonic DMC-LX2K Digital Camera Was A Real Trooper:

I have always been an SLR photographer and have held off on purchasing a digital camera up until this one because I previously was not convinced of the resolution...

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31 Mar

Orienteering? Here Is The Perfect Compass For a Tank Commander!

I purchased this compass from Amazon a few years back. It seems well made, but WAY heavier than I expected. Solid metal construction. If you need one super tough,...

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22 Apr

This Gourmet Mandoline Is Light Enough For Travel But Tough Enough For Everyday Use

I travel throughout the year, usually internationally. On longer stays, I like to take a few essentials with me such as my portable induction cooktop, my Henckels, and this...

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18 May

Can A Simple Stapler Lead To A Happier Life?

Well, maybe if it is this one. I purchased this Swingline Optima 40 not expecting much, just a good solid stapler. The last couple of staplers I purchased, cheaper...

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