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Executive, Analyst, Author, Researcher

Loren Moss

is a respected analyst, publisher & researcher with executive leadership experience and deep domain knowledge in the areas of:

  • Global service delivery (BPO, Shared Services)
  • Location Analysis & Site Selection
  • Transformative Business Technology
  • Customer Experience
  • Finance & Fintech
  • Economic Issues of The Americas

Loren is fluently bilingual English/Spanish and has decades of domestic and international business experience in The Americas & around the world.

Insight + Execution

Clients Call On Loren When They Need:

Mind Share

A client (provider or location) wishes to obtain greater share of mind with existing potential clients or investors, resulting in more spend with existing clients or investors & a broader client/investor base-in other words, a more strategic relationship with more clients.

Location Research, Site Selection

An enterprise wishes to obtain research, advisory services & decision support on locations, including government incentives, labor conditions, real estate, competitive landscape, etc. Often a provider may be considering a location but no decision has been made. We are able to gather the necessary information & conduct the investigation protecting their anonymity, or leveraging our media reach to gather & compile detailed information valuable to our clients.

Provider Due Diligence

A buy-side client wishes to obtain an evaluation of potential providers such as outsourcers, professional services firms (law, finance, software, IT, etc.), or contact centers. In such cases we provide research and due diligence services. This diligence is especially valuable when a client is considering entry into a new market.

Elite Editorial

Publishing houses and corporate clients have engaged Loren when they need to articulately express their voice through the written word. Loren is the publisher or editor on several hardcover nonfiction books in print, along with editorial credits on several novels, dozens of white papers & reports, and over a thousand news articles.

Complex Project Management

Formally trained and certified in PMP methodology, Loren Moss has managed countless complex projects both domestically and internationally with a track record of success in diverse environments including corporate, industrial, defense, government, laboratory & academic.

B2B Brand Evangelism

With a deep “rolodex” and extensive high level global connections, Loren has served as an effective brand ambassador and positioning consultant for some of the best service providers, B2B platforms, and government agencies who wish to get in front of key decision makers and market movers. This includes connecting with executive decision makers, analysts, influencers, the media & the public.

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